Lapping and testing machine

Lapping Machine 15lnch-3R/VS

Lapping Machine 15lnch-3R/VS 1) Three conditioning rings 2) 15 inch machine max lapdimension : 105mm ring 3)Variable Speed with control system 4) New design directly inc...

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  • Lapping Machine 15lnch-3R/VS
  • Lapping Machine 15lnch-3R/VS
  • Lapping Machine 15lnch-3R/VS
  • Lapping Machine 15lnch-3R/VS
2)   15 inch machine  max  lap  dimension : 105mm ring 
3) Variable Speed  with control  system
4)  New design directly increases the life of the gearbox and ensure trouble free running for life. The gearbox is lubricated for life.

5) Compact Electrical and power panel with all switches, digital process timer, and digital rpm indicator。

Brief description:
Only manufacturer to design and provide a rigid Spindle Housing, hardened  spindle with heavy duty bearings lubricated for life.
The geared motor is attached to the bottom of the Spindle housing. The spindle shaft enters the gearbox and is firmly attached and secure.
The entire axial load from the top including the weight of lap plate, rings, dead weights/pneumatic pressure and all are taken up by the center plate and the bearings directly.
This design directly increases the life of the gearbox and ensure trouble free running for life. The gearbox is lubricated for life.
Standard Features:
- Power supply & Frequency can be customized.
- Bonfiglioli geared motor with an output of max 70 rpm, lubricated for life.
- 0.50 HP, 1 to 3 Ph, Telemecanique VFD stepless speed up to 70 rpm.
- Electrical Operator Panel with digital timer and digital rpm indicator.
- Slurry tray with wiper, outlet pipe for recirculation directly into the Slurry tank, located inside at the rear of the machine.
- Slurry pump, slurry divider, flow regulator, slurry outlet to the lap plate.
- Floor standing model, complete powder coated and ready for start up.
Standard Toolings: 
- 1 no of Graded Cast Iron Lap plate of Ø 381 mm approx.
- 3 nos of combo geared rings with id 140 mm x 70 mm height.
- 3 nos of dead weights + 3 felt pads + 3 nos of Hylam carriers.
- 3 nos of nylon side guide rollers & 1 nylon geared central roller drum.
- 1 Ring reversal T-key for direction of ring rotation.
- 1 set rigid spindle housing + precision spindle with heavy duty bearings spindle set lubricated for life.

Optional accessory :
-Pneumatic Lifting System for lifting dead weights
-Other lapping plate options: Copper plate, Compounded plate, Ceramic Plate.
Standard machine is equipped with cast iron lapping plate and not including pneumatic lifting system. Call our sales for prices of various plate options and pneumatic lifting system.
Weight & Dimensions:

 How to choice the ideal polish and lapping machine ?

As you are already aware, machines for lapping/polishing mechanical seals basically divided into Soft Lapping / Soft polishing and Hard Lapping / Hard Polishing.
In Mechanical seals, you have seals of SS, Hardened steel, Coated like Stellite and some non-ferrous applications also. The lapping of these materials are usually by Abrasive slurry and polishing usually by 4/0 Emery sheet by hand, else with polishing pads and polishing slurries.
Hard lapping / Polishing – Usually referred to the use of Synthetic or Natural Diamond as abrasive. And again not all lapping or polishing application calls for the same abrasive.
And the selection of Vehicle or lapping media is very important.
For Carbon, SiC, TiC and Ceramic - the plates should be different, i.e. 3 plates, but again Ceramic if lapping and polishing is to be done, m/c's should be separate and plates separate for rough polishing and fine polishing.
With Paraflat, we have never given a quote to any customer off-hand, we always insist on knowing the details of the part/s to be lapped or polished, the previous operation, output quantity planned per shift of 8 hours, part drawings, etc. This practice helps us make a proper recommendation.
* For other lap plates of Copper, etc, if required, the prices will be different.
* Kindly also confirm the power supply details.

Hence it is always better if the user/client’s requirement is known before hand to make a correct recommendation, else lot of time is spent making corrections and clarifications.


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