Lapping and testing machine

Lapping machine  24inch

Lapping machine 24inch

This machine comes with the following standard features: Textured powder coated frame, cabinet, and work top for increased durability and better appearance. Frame is fabricated using strudural steel t...

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  • Lapping machine  24inch
  • Lapping machine  24inch
  • Lapping machine  24inch
  • Lapping machine  24inch

This machine comes with the following standard features:
• Textured powder coated frame, cabinet, and work top for increased durability and better
   appearance. Frame is fabricated using strudural steel tubing for strength and stability.
• 24" serrated lapping table made from a specially formulated cast iron for long
   processing life .Components as large as 9.5” (Outside Diameter) can be processed on this machine.
Materials that can be processed include Carbons, Ceramics, Standard and Stainless Steels, Silicon Carbide,
and Tungsten Carbide
• 3 H.P. Motor (made in USA by Baldor)
• Heavy Duty "B" belt drive system
• Heavy Duty Gearbox (made in USA by Baldor - Dodge) with specifications that exceed the
   requirements for the combined table weights. The axial thrust load rating is higher than
   required for increased service life, and the gearbox is lubricated for life and requires no
• Variable Speed Drive Motor Controller for gradual start/stop and adjustable constant running
   speeds. Allows for optimal running speeds for varying materials and the soft start/stop helps
   prevent damage to the parts being processed.
• Run Time Meter (Hour Meter) for efficient maintenance scheduling
• Process Timer to control the length of the lapping operation
• Adjustable drip style abrasive slurry dispensing system
• AII electrical components and cabinets are UL approved
• 1 year warranty on all parts
• Accessories and Tool Kits
   • 24" Steel Straight Edge for verifying table flatness                • 3 Work Carrier Disks
   • Allen Wrench Tool Set                                                                 • 3 Trueing Rings (serrated cast iron)
   • 3 Sponge Pads                                                                               • 3 Pressure Plates (21Ibs. each)

The TRUELAP™ Precision 24” Flat Lapping Machine has been designed to increase the efficiency
of the lapping process and extend the life cycle of the machine while providing the customer with
a machine that is easier to use and maintain. It is assembled in the USA, and where ever possible
uses components made in the USA. There is a 1 year warranty on any components that fail due to
defects in material or workmanship.
The frame foundation of the TRUELAP™ machine is made using structural steel tubing for strength
and stability. The entire frame, cabinet, and worktop are powder coated with a specially formulate
d material that is scratch resistant and more durable than standardly available commercial coatings.
Another place a specially formulated material is used is the 24” Serrated Lapping Table. It is a special
cast iron that provides a long life with superior processing capability.
The 3 Horsepower Motor and Heavy Duty Gear Box are both made in the USA by Baldor. Using only
Baldor products in the drive train creates a synergy that is very strong and efficient compared to using
components from different manufacturers. The gear box has a higher axial thrust load rating than the
gear boxes used by other lapping machine companies. The gear box is the only support the drive &
lapping tables have, and the total weight of the two tables is centered directly over the gear box shaft.
The ability of the gear box to provide more than the minimum required support is crucial to extending
the productive lifetime of the machine.
A standard feature on the TRUELAP™ machine is the Variable Speed Drive. Other brands have it at
an additional cost, and with many brands it’s not even available. Without a Variable Speed Drive,
when the machine is started the table starts turning immediately at its full speed. This “shock” start
can make the parts being processed strike against each other and this can easily chip / scratch the
edges of the parts causing them to be unusable. Even if the parts are set into a “work carrier disk”
and are unable to make contact with each other during the lapping process, the stresses generated
by a “hard start” can be enough to cause damage to the parts faces.
All machines must be maintained properly or they will lose the ability to do what they were bought 
to do. While the TRUELAP™ machine itself requires little to no general maintenance on the drive train
or the electrical components, the lapping table must be checked occasionally for flatness and to
confirm it is running true. A Run Time Meter is one way to keep track of when this needs to be done,
and is provided as a standard feature.
Being able to set a specific processing time period on a job is crucial in obtaining the desired result,
and the TRUELAP™ lapping machine provides a Processing Timer as standard equipment. The
processing time for different components will vary considerably depending on the component material
and the amount of material that must be removed. The machine operator will learn very quickly the
processing times required for their needs, and the timer can be set so when that time is finished the
machine will automatically stop operating. This gives the operator flexibility to be doing other things
instead of having to continuously monitor the lapping process.
The abrasive slurry used on this machine is metered using an Adjustable Drip Dispensing System.
This system is used worldwide by almost all lapping machine manufacturers because it is an efficient,
simple, and inexpensive design. TRUELAP™ makes the system components using Stainless Steel for
long life. They have designed their system so that when the machine is not being operated the
abrasive slurry is released to drain back into the slurry reservoir, keeping the slurry from solidifying
in the delivery tube and blocking the flow.
All electrical components and cabinets are UL approved to assure reliable and safe operation of the
electrical system, and at the time your order is placed confirmation will be made on the required
3-phase power for your facility. There is also a 1 year warranty on any components that fail due to
defects in material or workmanship.
Provided with the table are all the items needed to begin lapping parts except the abrasive. There
are 3 sets of the trueing rings, pressure plates, and work carrier disks. A tool set is provided for table
adjustment, and a 24” straight edge is included for confirming table flatness.

Video of Flat Lapping Machine as follows  
 How to choice the ideal polish and lapping machine ?

As you are already aware, machines for lapping/polishing mechanical seals basically divided into Soft Lapping / Soft polishing and Hard Lapping / Hard Polishing.
In Mechanical seals, you have seals of SS, Hardened steel, Coated like Stellite and some non-ferrous applications also. The lapping of these materials are usually by Abrasive slurry and polishing usually by 4/0 Emery sheet by hand, else with polishing pads and polishing slurries.
Hard lapping / Polishing – Usually referred to the use of Synthetic or Natural Diamond as abrasive. And again not all lapping or polishing application calls for the same abrasive.
And the selection of Vehicle or lapping media is very important.
For Carbon, SiC, TiC and Ceramic - the plates should be different, i.e. 3 plates, but again Ceramic if lapping and polishing is to be done, m/c's should be separate and plates separate for rough polishing and fine polishing.
With Paraflat, we have never given a quote to any customer off-hand, we always insist on knowing the details of the part/s to be lapped or polished, the previous operation, output quantity planned per shift of 8 hours, part drawings, etc. This practice helps us make a proper recommendation.
* For other lap plates of Copper, etc, if required, the prices will be different.
* Kindly also confirm the power supply details. 

Hence it is always better if the user/client’s requirement is known before hand to make a correct recommendation, else lot of time is spent making corrections and clarifications.


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