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  • How to Respond to Mechanical Seal Leakage in a Centrifugal Pump


    In order to understand centrifugal pump leakage, its important to first understand the basic operation of a centrifugal pump. As the flow enters through the impeller eye of the pump and up the impelle

  • Mechanical Seals for Water and Wastewater Pumps


    Because mechanical shaft seal failures are the number one cause of pump downtime, the writer decided to dedicate this column to mechanical seal basics. Because mechanical shaft seal failures are the nu

  • Improve Welding Equipment


    Shanghai Trisun Songjiang Factory imports advanced metal below welding equipment from American, products quality has been improved close to western standards.

  • Wenzhou Trisun new Production Base


    GoodNewsofWenzhouTrisunSealManufactureCo.Ltd.!!!ItsnewproductionplantiscompletedandcomeintooperationinMay2015. Moreover,itsproductioncapabilityhasbeincreasedby70%andweheartedlywelcomeyoutovisitournewf

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